Statistics Lecturer Department of Water Engineering

There are 34 people Lecturer 100% field in accordance with scientific expertise in PS S1 Irrigation UB with the following details:

  •     Permanent lecturers are active duty as many as 32 people (94.12%)
  •     Number of tenured faculty last educated S2 and S3 whose expertise in accordance with the competence PS: 31 (91.18%)
  •     Permanent lecturers are educated S3 whose expertise in accordance with the competence PS: 19 (55.88%)
  •     Number of tenured faculty who have positions associate professor and professor whose expertise in accordance with the competence PS: 16 (47.06%)
  •     Number of tenured faculty who have a Certificate of Professional Educators: 25 people (3.53%)

Lecturer Expertise group (KDK)

To improve the quality of the content, the relevance and performance of the implementation of learning from some of the similar subjects, made subject-subject grouping. In accordance with the subject groupings, the faculty adviser concerned subjects grouped in containers Lecturer Expertise Group (KDK).

1. There are five groups Lecturer Expertise (KDK) as follows:

  • Water Resources Information System
  • Conservation of Water Resources
  •  Utilization and Utilization of Water Resources,
  • Planning Building Engineering Water,
  • Basic knowledge of Water Resources Engineering.

2. Group lecturer Expertise (KDK) chaired by a lecturer designated by the Dean at the suggestion of the Chairman of the Department.

3. Duties, obligations and rights assigned based KDK Chairman of the Decree of the Chairman of the Department.

KDK Chairman and Chief LABORATORY

Ir. Rini Wahyu Sayekti, MS
Ka. KDK Konservasi Sumber Daya Air
Dr. Eng Donny Harisuseno, ST, MT
Ka. KDK Pemanfaatan dan Pendayagunaan SDA
Dr. Runi Asmaranto, ST, MT
Ka. KDK Sistem Informasi Sumber Daya Air
Dr. Very Dermawan, ST, MT
Ka. KDK Perencanaan Teknik Bangunan Air
Dr. Ir. Ussy Andawayanti, MS
Ka. KDK Pengetahuan Dasar Teknik SDA
Dian Sisinggih, ST, MT, Ph.D
Ka. Lab. Teknik Sungai dan Rawa
Ir. M. Janu Ismoyo, MT
Ka. Lab. Hidrolika Dasar
Ir. Heri Supriyanto, MS
Ka. Lab. Hidrolika Terapan
Dr.Ir. Widandi Soetopo, M.Eng.Sc.
Ka. Lab. Perencanaan Bangunan Air
Dr.Eng. Andre Primantyo H., MT
Ka. Lab. Tanah dan AirTanah
Dr.Ir. Lily Montarcih L., M.Sc.
Ka. Lab. Hidrologi

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