In the implementation of the service in the Department of Water Engineering, seen the need to maintain and improve service quality.

So with the spirit done several audits conducted at the Department of Water regularly, as follows:

1. AIM (Internal Audit Quality) UB

2. Accreditation of BAN-PT

3. ISO Surveillance

4. AUN QA (Asean University Network Quality Assurance)

For the quality of the audit activities in the ASEAN level will be implemented by the department to start internasionaliasi Water Engineering.

Here are some of the accreditation forms AIM reports that have been conducted by the Department of Water Engineering.

1. Borang Lap. AIM Siklus 10
2. Borang Laporan AIM Siklus 11

Links :

Results of Internal and External Audit (ISO, Excellent Service and Accreditation)

Fllow-Up Audit

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