About QAO (Quality Assurance Organization)

To improve the quality, relevance and efficiency of services in an era of global UB, the UB management requires a quality assurance system which is realized by forming the Center for Quality Assurance (PJM) in 2005 at the university level. As part of efforts to implement the Academic Quality Assurance System at the department level, the agency formed a Quality Assurance Unit (UJM) Department of Water Engineering by decree of the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering which is composed of representatives from the leadership of the department, faculty, staff, and students. The main objective the establishment of institutions Unit for Quality Assurance (UJM) in the Department of Water Engineering was to create an Academic Quality Assurance System (SPMA) in the Department of Water Engineering, Faculty of Engineering UB, which is expected to be a guideline in business planning and implementation of academic, increased resources, the procedure of activities and evaluation procedures. It is expected to achieve an academic quality assurance at the Department of Irrigation in accordance with the vision, mission and educational goals.

Organizational Structure


struktur organisasi UJM

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