Alumni Department of Water Resources Engineering accommodated in the organization Alumni Association (IKA), Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Brawijaya.


A. Consolidation Organizations

As an organization that is familial, Watering IKA UB has several objectives:

  1. Establish communication, information and fostered the participation of Family IKA UB Watering at various levels.
  2. Being active, dedicated, outstanding and responsive to the organization’s program, so that in time our organizations have a place in people’s hearts and is expected to improve the image of the alma mater.
  3. Helped solve the problems of the alma mater.
  4. Increase the attractiveness for new members to provide good facilities in the field of education and employment.

B. Attributes and Secretariat

Need to set membership dues Watering IKA UB for the survival of the organization.

  1. Creating a logo and slogan.
  2. Card printing alumni members.
  3. Doing systemization and structuring the administration of the organization by utilizing information technology.
  4. In the future planned construction of Irrigation IKA UB Secretariat.


  1. Increase active participation in the nation through various activities.
  2. Increase cooperation with various parties in the framework of national and state according to profession path.
  3. A partnership in a variety of activities that represent the alumni of concern to the community, which in turn can bring a good name alma mater, both at the regional, national or international.

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