Name of Activity and Time Implementation

Level (Local, Regional, National, or International)



1 Young Leaders for Indonesia (YLI) 2010 NATIONAL Award recipients
2 Contributor of “Couple Flash Fiction  : Kejutan Sebelum Ramadhan” (Colaborated  with Syamsu Ridzal Indra Hadi)  Event  organized by, Titled: Selapis Rindu, Surabaya, July 2013. NATIONAL 2013
3 1st Champion of “Muslimah in Action” as Brawijaya Muslimah Ambassador, Event organized by UAKI UB. (Graha Sainta, Brawijaya University. 18th May 2013) NATIONAL 2013 Award recipients
4 1st Winner At National Competition ”Green Ilmy Competition” NATIONAL 2013 Award recipients

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