Student Association Irrigation was established by Decree of the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Brawijaya in February 1978 against the background of very necessity of an institution that encompasses all the students in the Department of Water Resources whose primary function as a conduit for pengembacpngan potential, interests, talents, and abilities students of Department of Irrigation whether related by profession or non-profession.

The establishment of the Department of Water Engineering in 1976 with based on the preparation efforts of qualified human resources in the scientific understanding of water resources is felt to be very important in their management in the future. On his way, there was a need for a fraternity that can support activities on campus perkulihan Water Engineering, and eventually founded the Student Association of Irrigation in 1978 that periodically led by a Chairman.

Up to this time, management of the Student Association of Irrigation has reached 30 (thirty) management period in which the majority of the management of each period lasts for one (1) year.

Organizational Structure

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