Water Resources Engineering Department is one of six majors and two courses in the Faculty of Engineering UB. Fifth other majors are the Department of Civil Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Electrical Engineering, Department of Architecture and Regional Planning Department of the City. Water Engineering experts stand for the needs of the field of irrigation feels increasingly urgent since the national food procurement program, especially for rice, the main target of development since Pelita First.

Various attempts have been made to overcome this government, namely in terms of the availability of the number and quality of irrigation experts, despite the addition has been carried out in earnest, felt still insufficient, especially with the rapid development in the field of irrigation since 1970.

Department of Public Works, led by the Directorate General of Water Resources in 1972 to make a breakthrough, namely the cooperation of various universities to meet the shortage of experts in the field of irrigation. UB is one of the institutions that welcomed enthusiastically, given the Faculty of Engineering that has stood has long been developed by Parent Project Multipurpose Brantas, so familiar with the problems in the field of irrigation. The establishment of the Department of Water Engineering can not be separated from the role of DR. Ir. Suyono Sosrodarsono (former Minister of Public Works who was then the Director General of Water Resources, Ministry of Public Works) as the originator and driving force, as well as the participation of Prof. Ir. Suryono who realize the formation of the Department of Water Engineering.

As a first step the signing of the Charter of Cooperation between the Ministry of Public Works who represented the late Ir. Sutami and represented UB Rector Prof. Dardji Darmodihardjo, SH .. One of the points agreed by both parties is a willingness to open the UB Department of Water Resources and the Ministry of Public Works gave the support of teachers, education support facilities and sending lecturers abroad (Institute of Hydraulic Engineering, Delft Netherlands).

In accordance with the Rector of UB No. 4703/1/75 dated October 10, 1975, regarding the approval of the Preamble and the Department of Water Engineering News Facsimile of the Director General of Higher Education No.0335 / dj / 75 dated October 23, 1976, the implementation of education at the Department of Water Engineering officially begins. It is also reinforced by the Decree of the Minister of P & K No. 0559/0/1983 of the Department of Water Engineering was not part of the Department of Civil Engineering. On the advice of Dr.Ir. Suyono Sosrodarsono, that since the beginning of the Department of Water Engineering curriculum is designed to be directed to the Water Resources Engineering.

Dean of the Faculty of Engineering when it was Prof. Ir. Suryono, while appointed as Chairman of the Department of Water Engineering Ir. Husni Sabar, Dipl.HE. who was Chief of Staff Brantas Project Planning. The first student class of 1976 was some 49 people are cared for by 10 permanent lecturers.

As a pioneer for the implementation of lectures in the Department of Water Engineering are lecturers consisting of Prof.Drs. H.M. Hashim Baisoeni, Drs.Ir. Soemartono, Dipl.HE, Prof.Dr.Ir. Suhardjono, MPd., Dipl.HE., Ir. A. Aziz Hoesein, M.Eng.Sc., Dipl.HE., J. Soegiyanto, MSc (deceased), Ir. Soebagio Tj., Dipl.HE. (deceased), Ir. Herman Haryono. (Deceased), Ir. Sujatmoko Amali., Dr.Ir. Aniek Masrevaniah, Dipl.HE., Dr.Ir. Rispiningtati, M.Eng .. Without them perhaps the Department of Water Engineering had never existed, thanks to their services the Department of Water Engineering has resound existence, as evidenced by the many alumni who are spread served in this beloved homeland.

The composition of the Chairman and Secretary of the Department
Period I, years 1976 – 1979
Chairman: Ir. Husni Sabar Dipl.HE
Secretary: Ir. Herman Hariyono (alm), 1976-1977
Secretary: J. Soegijanto, MSc. (alm), 1977-1979

Period II, the year 1979 – 1985
Chairman: Ir. A. Aziz Hoesein, Dipl HE., M.Eng.Sc.
Secretary: Ir. Aniek Masrevaniah, years 1979-1980
Secretary: Ir. Rispiningtati, years 1980-1983
Secretary: Ir. Endang Purwati, years 1983-1985

Period III, in 1985 – 1990
Chairman: Ir. Aniek Masrevaniah, Dipl HE.
Secretary: Ir. Sujatmoko Amali, years 1985-1987
Secretary: Ir. M. Ibn Rubianto, years 1987-1990

Period IV, years 1990 – 1993
Chairman: Ir. Sujatmoko Amali
Secretary: Ir. Herman Haryono (alm)

Period V, years 1993 – 1996
Chairman: Ir. Rispiningtati, M Eng.
Secretary: Ir. Mohammad Bisri, MS.

Period VI, in 1996 – 1999
Chairman: Ir. H.M. Ibn Rubianto
Secretary: Ir. Suwanto Marsudi, MS.

Period VII, in 1999 – 2001
Chairman: Ir. Mohammad Bisri, MS.
Secretary: Ir. Rini Wahyu Sayekti, MS.

Period VIII, in 2001 – 2007
Chairman: Ir. Suwanto Marsudi, MS.
Secretary: Ir. Ussy Andawayanti, MS.

IX period, years 2007 – 2009
Chairman: Ir. Rini Wahyu Sayekti, MS.
Secretary: Ir. M. Janu Ismoyo, MT.

X period, years 2009 – 2013
Chairman: Ir. Dwi Priyantoro, MS.
Secretary: Dr.Eng. Donny Harisuseno, ST.MT.

XI period, years 2013 – 2017
Chairman: Ir. Moh. Sholichin, MT., Ph.D.
Secretary: Emma Yuliani, ST., MT., Ph.D.

X Period, years 2017 – 2022
Chairman : Dr. Ir. Ussy Andawayanti, MS
Secretary : Dr. Ery Suhartanto, ST., MT.