Differences in hydraulics and hydrology comprehensively in the understanding of engineering is a system of water resources, including water construction engineering and management of water resources based on the effort to prepare qualified human resources, is the essence of Water Engineering.

Without felt already forty-five years of the Faculty of Engineering stands and thirty-two years of the Department of Irrigation born. In the course of time we have been through was little change in the Department of Water Engineering from start to change in infrastructure, curriculum always followed the changing times, the number of students is always increasing.

That the identity of an engineering profession is only formed from endless synergies between responsiveness, creative and professional. That without cooperation between the academic community, alumni, relevant agencies and service users, the Department of Water Engineering will not melalang globe to work across a variety of fields.

Therefore the high professionalism we are ready to welcome the challenges and opportunities of the future. Let cohesive power, to serve the nation, to progress, reaching the future.

Undergraduate Program (S1)

Graduate Program (S2)

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