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(26 / Oct / 2017). As one of the subjects of Leadership and Entrepreneurship Course, Department of Water Resources Engineering invited the eminent Motivator Drs. H. Djanalis Djanaid, Director of PT Indogement. Located in the Session Room of Department of Water resources Engineering New Building, this guest lecture takes the theme of “Student as a Future Leader and Entrepreneur”.

In the presentation, Drs. Djanalis who is also a senior lecturer of Faculty of Administrative Sciences UB is explaining deeply his experiences as a director of PT. Indogement. In his enthusiastic presentation session, he revealed the importance of the mental revolution for our young generation.

“In terms of Natural Resources and human resources we’re a leading country. Now is the time for our mental as a society to also be able to compete with the community everywhere! “He said. Drs. Djanalis did choose to become a motivator in order to inspire the people of Indonesia anywhere. Recorded 23 provinces and 60 cities where the training. In addition, some countries have also been the location of training. Such as Paris, Bangkok, London, Cairo and some other countries.

Interviewed separately, Ir. Abdul Azis Hoesein, Dipl.HE., M.Eng.Sc, as the lecturer explained.
“This course prepares students to become a reliable graduate out there! For that we invite practitioners and experts in their respective fields to share their experiences! “He said.

Approximately 50 students attended this guest lecture. In a question and answer session, many questions related to entrepreneurship are emerging. The discussion took place quite excited until the event closed with a souvenir awarding from the Department of Water Engineering to Drs. Djanalis Djanaid. (emis)

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